The Career Network Trainers


Dick Knowdell
RICHARD L. KNOWDELL, MS, NCC, NCCC, CDFI is the President of Career Research & Testing, Inc., author of six books, including Building a Career Development Program: Nine Steps for Effective Implementation. Knowdell has taught at the University of California, San Diego and at San Jose State University. In 1995, President Clinton appointed him to the Board of Examiners of the United States Foreign Service. He has developed four popular career assessment instruments that have been translated into nine languages. He is a past president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPI). He has trained and certified over 6,000 Job and Career Transition Coaches who work in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and North America.

Dick is the co-instructor in the JCTC and JCDC workshops, and is the lead instructor in the Business Development and Marketing workshops.


Richard Feller photo
Rich Feller , Ph.D., LPC, NCC, NCCC, JCTC, is one of Colorado State University's twelve University Distinguished Teaching Scholars and recipient of the Oliver Pennock Distinguished Service Award, Rich is Past President of the National Career Development Association.

Professor of Counseling and Career Development, and former Director of the Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate program he's consulted on six continents and within all 50 U.S. states. A former CACREP Board member, his publications (with the help of many) include three career books, four film series, the Harrington-O’Shea Career Decision Making System (print, internet and career assessment program used by over 20M), and

An NCDA Fellow and recipient of NCDA's Eminent Career Award, the Rich Feller Leadership Award was created by the Colorado CDA (2009) and awarded annually to recognize significant influence through service to others in the settings of colleague and mentor. Having served on the editorial board of NCDA, NECA, AADA journals, Special Issue Editor of the ASCA Journal and the Career Planning and Adult Development Journal he has served on numerous community boards. Chief scientist for and thought leader for he has consulted for NASA, NSF, the United Nations and schools, workforce boards, small employers and international corporations.

Rich Feller is the lead instructor in the JCTC and JCDC workshops in North America.


Timothy Hsi

Timothy Hsi Ed.D., MGuidCouns, MACA, JCTC, GCDF-SG Master Trainer, is the Principal of Abundanz Consulting Pte Ltd. He was instrumental in the establishment of the highly successful Counselling service and the Peer Support Programme at the Singapore Management University during his 12 years there. He also edited the book "A Basic Guide to Peer Helping" and was the recipient of the Singapore National Day Commendation Medal for his influence in the field of counselling in higher education.

Timothy has, over the past five years, been intricately involved in the nascent field of career development in Singapore. Today he is one of two practising master trainers for the Global Career Development Facilitator (Singapore) programme and is viewed to be an influential voice in the training of a new generation of career practitioners through his teaching and trainings in the field of career development.

Timothy is the lead instructor in the JCTC and JCDC workshops throughout Asia. He teaches in both English and Chinese.


Deeta Lonergan photo

Deeta Lonergan, M.Ed., NCC, NCDA CDFI, CSC, JCTC, is a career counselor, strategic coach, trainer and facilitator with 30+ years designing, facilitating, managing and leading career services and talent management programs in business, education, healthcare, government and community organizations. Deeta founded Career Transitions, based in Anchorage, AK, to empower individuals and organizations to thrive during transitions. She works across the talent management cycle, training employees to draft career development plans based on business needs, set goals, define action steps and resources needed, and conduct career development discussions with their manager or supervisor. She trains managers and supervisors to conduct career development discussions.

Her background includes 20+ years as a counselor, professor and academic dean at the community college and university level. She completed the Third International Gestalt Institute on Systems and Organizational Development and consults internationally. She was adopted into the Saxman Tribe of the Tlingit Indians for her work with Alaska Native Students. She received the University of Alaska Anchorage Award for Outstanding Professional and Community Service. She was the founding Vice President of the Alliance for the Support of American Legion Baseball in Alaska. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Global Outplacement Alliance.

Deeta teaches CDF and JCTC workshops in Alaska and Canada.


Ahmed Mostafa
AHMED MOSTAFA, JCTC, JCDC, NCDA CDF Master Trainer is Assistant Executive Director of the Career Development Network and Director for Middle East and North Africa (MENA) operations. He is fluent in both Arabic and English and had conducted Career Development Facilitator training throughout the Middle East and North Africa. He has translated the course materials and assessment instruments for the Career Development Facilitator (CDF) and Job & Career Transition Coach (JCTC) workshops from English to Arabic. Ahmed is currently completing a Masters degree in counseling.

Ahmed teaches CDF and JCTC workshops in both Arabic and English


Bobbi Floyd
ROBERTA A. FLOYD, MA, NCC, NCCC, LPC, NCDA CDF Master Trainer is a past president of the National Employment Counseling Association (NECA) and has over twenty years of experience as Coordinator of Career Counseling in Employment and Training Programs. She was a member of the Career Development Training Institute team at Oakland University that developed the Career Development Facilitator Curriculum and produced Workforce in Transition: A Blueprint for Adult Career Development and Job Search Training. She was the recipient of the Professional Excellence Award from the Michigan Career Development Association and the Professional Development Award from the National Employment Counseling Association. She currently works as a counselor at Oakland Community College.

Bobbi is the lead trainer in the CDF and CDF Instructor workshops


Carolyn Kalil
CAROLYN KALIL, MA, JCTC, is the author of five books and CEO of DreamMaker Publishing Inc. She is a retired counselor and professor with over 30 years of experience at UCLA and El Camino College in Southern California. She was one of the first certified trainers for the True Colors Personality System and the author of the best selling book, Follow Your True Colors To The Work You Love. Her updated version of the book is Follow Your Inner Heroes To The Work You Love. She is a past president of NECA and currently certifying professionals in her Inner Heroes program.

Carolyn teaches the "Follow Your Inner Hero" workshops