from CEU One Stop


Janet Wall at CEUOneStop has developed a great series of short (60-70 minutes) videos on topics of interest to career practitioners. Most videos are available for just $35 each and include one Continuing Education Clock Hour when you complete a short test.

Click on a title of interest below and you will be taken to a description of the course.


Cori Shaff:
     Incorporating Strengths into Your Career Counseling and Coaching

Edythe Richards:
     Emotional Intelligence: A Key Ingredient for a Successful Career

Bethany Mills:
     Benefits and Challenges of Alumni Career Development: Employing Best Practices

Robin Schlinger:
      Helping Clients Secure a Federal Job (Two Part Series) (2 clock hours)

Jenn Long:
      Millennials Dominate the Workforce: How Do We All Survive and Thrive?

Vera Chapman:
     Job Search Strategies for International Students in Especially Challenging Times

Alberto Puertas:
Practical Tips on Applying Career Development Theory in International Contexts: Implications for Helping Our International Students

Susan Chritton:
     Personal Branding - It’s No Longer An Option!

Aaron Leson:
     X Marks the Spot: Gen X-The Forgotten Generation

Vera Chapman:
      Helping Students Market Their International Education Experience

Herky Cutler:
      Non-Traditional Assessment Tools That Rock!

Herky Cutler:
     The Power of Music as a Career Development Tool

Spencer Niles:
     The Action Oriented, Hope-Model of Career Development

Marie Zimenoff:
     Using the Resume Development Process as a Career Coaching/Counseling Tool

Chaz Austin:
      How to Find Work and Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Life

Carmen Croonquist:
      Positivity to Enhance Career Success

Jennifer Del Corso:
      Counseling Clients through Work Traumas and Unexpected Career Transitions

Wendy LaBenne:
      Networking for Introverts: Tips and Techniques for Career Counselors

Robin Schlinger:
      How to Create a Resume that Beats the ATS Barriers

Susan Barclay, PhD, LPC, NCC, ACS:
     Schlossberg’s Career Transition Theory with a Twist: Turning Transition into Triumph

Paula Brand, GCDF, JCTC, CPRW:
Certifications and Credentials in Career Development: What Counselors, Coaches, and Workforce Professionals Need to Know to Get Ahead

Susan P. Joyce:
     How to Identify and Avoid Scams in the Job Hunt

Shirley Rowe:
      Riding the Wave of Social Media for a Successful Job Search

Roberta Neault:
     What We Don’t Know May Hurt Someone Else: Ethically Supporting Diverse Clients

Deirdre Pickerell:
     Incorporating Assessment into Career Conversations

Amy Landesman:
     Helping Individuals with Incarceration Histories Land the Job

Nancy J. Miller:
     10 Ways to Model a Healthy Lifestyle for More Effective Career Services

Miriam Salpeter:
     Proven Social Media Strategies to Help Your Students and Clients Land a Job Faster

Laura Labovich:
     How to Communicate for Success in the Job Search